Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funny hats and warm temperatures

The team now contains three Santa Cruz county champions: Brett Lambert, the cream rises to the top. Stella Carey, the legacy continues....and .....Swiggboss ? -the fast guys that showed up live over the ya ! Brett and Stella won their respective races, I got 4th. Scott Calley raced to a respectable 4th place in the 35 B group. Stella went full-masochist and rode the single speed race after her dominating win in the womens elite race.

Here I am getting my funny hat that signifies the " Champion of Santa Cruz Co. according to Dave Gill"

Stella on the top step and I have lost the count this season.

Cloes-up of the funny hat...we also got a beer. It's how they do it in these parts.

Next season we will have a 55 plus rider, my old friend Brent Harris. Brent and I worked together at the Bicycle Center in 1978.....back when cyclocross was about 12 people getting together in the woods for a race.

Here's Alex work pulling off an incredible 2nd place in the mens elite race. Alex dogged Justin Robinson for most of the race and finished well ahead of the rest of the deepest field of the day. I vote for Alex to be considered the most improved rider of 2008.

Be sure and check the Peak Season site for all the other placings. Aaron Kereluk, Scott Chapin and Dean Poshard filled out the rest of the elite field.

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