Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the devil wears bacon

You'll have to wake up pretty early to see swiggboss on the podium, only missing the top step by one point. Nice way to end an unusually good season in the 45-B group. The seldom beaten Frank Cuaresma on the top step of the 55 plus group.

Don't blink.....you'll miss baby Snead's foray into the world of single speeding via Stella's bike. Josh pretty much made all the rest of the single speeders chase for the full hour. Not only was Josh on the single, Loren kept it kosher even though it was the day after the sabbath. This was not an easy course to navigate with one gear but three of the team did it with some really good results.

Scott rode a fierce race to retain the lead he had gotten at the start of the series. He battled Justin Robinson for the full hour with Alex Work not far behind.

Brett Lambert won his division with a consistant display of power in the four race series.

Swiggboss in the last turn of the last race of the season . It wasn't the best day but it wasn't the worst.

A.K. overcame a slow start to make his way through the elite field to finish 5th on the day.

The elite mens podium , Justin flanked by Alex and Scott.

The overall mens elite podium with Scott and Alex on the top two steps.

Stella won the day and finished econd overall in spite of only competing in three of the elite womens races. This day she rode away from the field on her single speed.


benlikesbikes said...

congrats everyone on such an awesome and dominating season! I am so jealous of your mid-January racing.

Brent said...

great season folks!