Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pilarcitos in S.F.

This was a special weekend, Golden Gate park and a visit from the founding father of the team, Simon Vickers. Simon isn't riding as much but he still managed to be near the front for an hour in the single speed A group spending much of the race with Sean Coffey.

Aaron Odell, Scott Chapin and series leader Josh Snead looked to be in control of the mens A field until some jittery joe guy came blasting by. I haven't heard the name Chris Jones but I guess he's on of the top riders in the U.S. . Once Jones was off the front it was our team and Justin Robinson chasing. A crash and a bike change took Josh back a ways but he roder up to finish 6th and protected his lead in the series finishing behind Scott in 5th who rode a solid race. Aaron Odell battled Robinson fiercely but as the two wound through traffic Justin got away for the 2nd while Odell got the bronze medal and continued his ascent in the overall. Alex Work and Aaron Kereluk were in the top 20 , Alex having numerous bike issues along the way.In the women's A field Sarah got a good start and immediately put the pressure on the local field. Stella got held up at the first turn and had to battle through much of the field to place 4th ahead of series leader Sarah Bamburger. Only Kathleen Hannon stands between Stella and the final Red jersey. In the masters 35 A race we had Matt Jordan, Frank Kalcic, Evan Adams and Tim Watson. Tim rode a solid race to finish in the top 20 and Frank had one of his best finishes since moving up from the B's. Brett Lambert showed real power riding at the front in the 45 A group, eventually finishing 3rd . Tom Fox was not too far behind.Scott Calley and I had a large field in the 45 B group to deal with but we both got in the top 20. Courtney Grossman did the same in the 35 B group.


benlikesbikes said...

Man, you all are smoking fast! nice job guys and gals!

Brent said...

dang.. Nemo comes out of retirement and makes me look bad.

-sincerely chair racer