Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's Billy Hall who dosen't get mentioned much but has been crushing the single speed B group all season on his way to 2nd. He leads the overall by a large margin.
All blue on the elite podium, HRS and Cal Giant.Sean Coffey, our man at Easton rode to a top-10 place in the A single speed catagory race. Here's Dean Poshard at the top of the runup.

The man in blue is Courtney Grossman on his way to 2nd in the 35-B group which he leads overall.

Snead off the front in the elite men's race. Josh would fight a valiant battle with Justin Robinson that ended up with Justin getting the district jersey and Josh getting his second silver medal while moving back up the standings in the overall.

Here's the elite mens start with HRS/Rock Lobster garnering about half the callups.

A rare glimpse of swigboss fighting to limit the losses after yet another stupid mistake at a critical moment early in the race....nobody said it was supposed to be easy ! Luckily, Scott Calley made the podium in the 45 B event to keep the team presence near the top of that group.

Stella in full flight on her way to second place in the women's A race. She would race her single speed in the A event immediatly following this demanding race.

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