Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alex wins his first A race

With so many of our guys at the front it's kind of tough for any of the locals to win a race. There were four of the team for the first two laps but Alex and Josh got tangled up and the resulting damage to Josh's bike saw him have to make an early exit. From then on it was Odell, Buckethead and Alex work.......wait, Alex ? Not only could he ride at the front he won the race.....good thing as I had 25 cents riding on his win. Next time Alex, give Josh a little room and hold your hands up at the line when you come's more festive. So it was 1-2-3 with AK finshing 6th and Dean Poshard coming back from injury finishing on this hot dry afternoon.

Here's Stella finishing up for second on the day but piling on more points in her overall lead. No podium shot for Stella, just a wave to the gals up there while she races by on her single speed.

It's all HRS blue at the front today.

And mostly HRS blue on the podium.

And they said that it couldn't be done....the swiggboss himself with a puzzled look : " Is this me getting a 4th place medal and too many strawberries ?" To be honest, I still do not believe it myself....first podium spot in seven plus seasons of 'cross.

The 45 A group was handled by Steve Gile and his vicious sprint, along with Brett Lambert continuing his medal run at 5th. Courtney Grossman got a 4th in the 35 B group and has lead that class.


benlikesbikes said...

congrats guys! that is one hell of a podium! said...

nice berries, swiggboss!