Monday, December 15, 2008

CCCX #6 Ft. Ord.

On a cloudy rainy day at the campground course the team brought 14 riders......when the day was done 9 of the team had medals and several series leads were concolodated. I get the feeling that this team is running the show at CCCX for the most part, even with many of our folks opting out of these late season events. There were great battles all day starting with Brett Lambert and Mark Abele in the 45 A group, Stella Carey and Karen Brems in the womens elite, Sean Coffey and Erik Thunstrom in the single speeds and the inter team drag race between Josh Snead and Aaron Odell. One of the best rides of the day was Alex Work who sailed the barriers and rode to a solid 4th in the mens elite, well clear of any challengers. Scott Chapin rode to third , solidifying his current lead in the overall and guarantee of no worse than second at the end of the series. Josh's win was # 9 for the season and Odell's second place will vault him onto a podium spot at the end of what has been a difficult season. Scott Calley, Courtney Grossman and Billy hall all got on the podium and two of the three are leading thier respective catagories. With a 5th place, the swiggboss might get that elusive GC podium never know. Stella Carey looks to have an unassailable lead in the womens elite . It ain't over 'till its over but it might be over for some of the other teams already.

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