Monday, October 08, 2007

Kerlin again! Gile and Fox win! at Super Prestige #1

Sarah Kerlin is out to kick some butt and its clear.
While the field results were missing a few people, the Bay Areas Super Prestige series are about as fast as they get on the West Coast.
Sarah handled the field finishing 1 minute ahead of second place!
Stella Carey took 4th and Betina Hold took 9th.

Steven Gile took the win for the Masters A race beating out some very tough competition.
Steven has been grabbing a lot of seconds and it looked like a win was coming his was soon.

prestige27, originally uploaded by Coda2.

On the Elite mens field front, Andy Jacques-Maynes and Justin Robinson got even and slotted Josh Snead and David Wyandt a few spots back. This is becoming an annual rivalry between teams as in years past its been HRS team nipping at the heels of the Strawberry boys, only this year HRS is missing a key component in Simon Vickers. Aaron Odell and Kereluck take a very respectable 6th and 8th!
As surprise to all,
Michael Hernandez was back out on his new rig. Finishing 1 lap down to the winners, but considering his recent crash and recovery its a pretty impressive site! Welcome back Michael.

Full results can be seen here!

IMG_1397, originally uploaded by J. Suzuki.

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