Monday, October 15, 2007

HRS-Rock Lobster Win Pool just got deeper

Word is in for Sacramento Series, NCNCA Cup Series #2 Hagen Park, CA 10-14-07 .

A beardless Josh Snead snags yet another win! 2 for 2 is looking good.
Other HRS teammates pulled off some solid results for a HRS Rocklobster Podium Sweep.
Wyandt 2nd
Odell 3rd
Hernandez 5th!

Stella wrapped up an 8th place, after her win the day before.

These are the unofficial, but the word that was relayed to me.
More to come.

'Cross lighting, originally uploaded by godot321.

Photo from Flickr files of Godot321, please visit his pics.

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swiggco world said...

Snead watches while the Wolf does a Michael Jordan over the barriers. Two points.