Saturday, October 13, 2007

CCCX 3- Stella on cruise control again

NEW!! CCCX3 vids posted here:
Mens A's
Womens A's

The team is as solid as always with folks at the front at almost all of the events. Stella sored a huge and significant win against Barb Howe and Josie Beggs.

Scott Calley got a 2nd in the 45 B class in a large field.

Dave Wyandt and Aaron Odell got 2nd and 3rd in the mens elite race ahead of Justin Robinson, adding points to Dave's overall score.
You'll have to go to for all the other results as the memories are scrambled after all of the events. Aaron Kereluk and Dean Poshard had mechaincals that pretty much put them out of the standings but rode strong anyway.


velogirl said...

yay, Stella! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

yay! awesome!

Velo Bella said...

that was a great finish Stella!!

Rye said...


grrr Saturdays, the wrench has to work in the shop... Sorry Aaron and Dean... I'm there for ya on Sundays...

Brent said...

sweet. good to see stella is back swinging pedals and flinging dust.

Rack another win for the HRS-RL team.