Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rocky Mountain Low

Ouch, I got taken out by the same whoop section that Josh did yesterday, only I ended up much worse for wear than him. At least that's what I think but you'll have to read Josh's blog to get his take on it. I have been pretty content to go to these USGP races and use them as hard rides, gaining fitness for nationals. My earlier ambitions went out the window when I was unable to get any UCI points at the beginning of the season. My tactic has been to show up as early as possible and try to be as far up as possible in the scrum. I know that every guy I encounter will battle for his spot and it can only make me better for doing it.

For the first time I can remember, I was actually lined up according to my number which was calculated by my UCI points (0) and when I registered. SO I was EightyFuckin'Seventh to start. When they counted down the final 30 seconds we didn't even move for another 10 once the gun was fired. There were like one and a half rows behind me and truly all I could do was laugh. But I would get it going alright and pass a handful of guys on the opening straight and coming in to the first obstacle I would take a sneaky line and avoid a massive pile up. This course had a number of man made ramps and I think somebody forgot that the ramp up the curb only covered it part way. I probably made up another 20 or so spots as riders hit the dirt and bikes went flying.
So now I am maybe in the top 50 and I just try to sprint out of every corner and fight for every spot. I was feeling ok actually, even though I have felt like there was a hippo sitting on my chest since I arrived. Maybe it was the elevation or just the general bad luck we have been having on this trip, but halfway through the race I was trying to rip the course up and was catching a dude on the whoopy backside of the course. I hit the whoop at high speed and I swear I was trying to keep the wheels on the ground. Instead I must have caught the lip just right and got boosted into the thin air. I had time to think "oh man another nose wheelie to try and ride out" but the wheel never hit. My finger, then head and finally sacrum collided with the earth. I don't even think I hurt my bike but I'll have to check that later.

Yeah, I saw a brilliant flash, and rolled over to see who was going to run into me. I dragged myself off course, totally rung and looked at my left finger which was totally mangled. That's what kept me from remounting innitially, then the pain in my head and back started to speak up. I was quickly met by an EMT which leads me to believe I wasn't the only victim of the day. He asked how I was, looked at my finger and asked if I wanted him to set it. The sooner the better I figured and he pulled it, but to no avail. So, another EMT gave it a tug and his superior technique would relocate the digit. It truly is a relief when your joints go back into place.

Now it looks like I am all jacked up, my head hurts and I am not allowed to drink beer. I think I am gonna grow a shiner and I can't wait to see how good my finger looks tommorow. The worst part is gonna be my back which hurts whenever I move. I only hope I will be able to pack my bike up and push it around the airport on monday.

Oh yeah, Trebon is a monster and crushed everyone. I called Todd Wells for 3rd and I think I was right. Ihope I am well enough to race soon and I 'll keep you posted.



Hooptie said...

Nooooooooo! That sucks man, gotta pimp the woops.

swiggman said...

That's horrible news. I hope it wasn't a finger you really need. I know what you mean about it feeling better when it's set right away. I'm so sorry to hear that. Good news is, you got a buddy there with you to help with all the travel b/s. Take it easy, take a hot bath and just relax. I don't know why you can't drink beer, but that might be the worst part. Keep your head up, you'll recover sooner than you know it and you'll be hungry and well-rested for the trip to nationals.

- shelley

Josh and Barb said...

I'm looking forward to runnig the wheelchair in the airport and helping Simon win the sympathies of some hot sluts while we're waiting for our flight. I think he might have hurt his middle finger, which I think is the one he uses the most. Actually it's extra fat right now so that might actually make it more useful for him...

nicknameless said...

Heya, hope you feel better soon

sorry to hear both you and Jojo had a helluva rough weekend

soak up the babe sympathy ;)