Monday, November 27, 2006

busy day for Ryan

Back to the local action for the squad. With nearly the entire team in attendance, most fields of the race had at least one HR solutions/Rock Lobster rider mixing it up. In the early Masters 'B' catagory, Larry toughed it out to finish the bumpy-twisty track after missing last weekend's race. In the Master's 'A' 35 + Tim Watson finished up in the top-ten area,even with a bike change early in the race. In the 45+ 'A' race, your swiggboss managed 14th while hacking loudly with a nice cold aquired in the rainy northwest. In the women's 'A' race it was total dominance as Shelly and Stella rode away from the field from the first lap and were in the next zip code by the end of the race.In the women's masters division Julie Brothers finished well enough to keep her overall series placing high. In the men's 'A' division we had serious numbers,even with three absences. Dave Wyandt in his first west-coast race of the season did his best to slow the progress of the nearly unstoppable Barry Wicks. Josh Snead was right there but fell victim to one of the courses many tight spots with a hard and painful crash. Josh got up quickly and even with two bike changes held on to third place behind Wyandt. Rob Evans was hurting badly from a recent trip over the bars but got into the top 10 with Joe Walsh-Joe having his best race of the season so far. Evan Adams had a first lap mechanical that cost him about 10 minutes but he rejoined the race and rode until getting caught by Wicks. Sean Coffey toughed it out after not racing for over a month and finished ahead of many of the large field.

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