Sunday, November 05, 2006

from the lows to the highs

It's not all bad. Some history went down today. Our own Aaron Kereluk has raced 'cross for many many? I'm not quite sure but I believe it is more than ten. In all these years he has not won a race, at least until today. Even though three of our top elite men were elsewhere, Aaron was able to pull off a huge win. Dodgeball did a great start and was a good wheel for Aaron at first. After two laps John Funke rolled away from the group he was in and looked to be the strongest of the race. Further back a group containing Aaron was giving chase. Aaron appearantly thought that this group wasn't going fast enough so he bridged up to the first chase group. Even this group didn't look to be gaining on the flying Funke so Aaron chased on his own for a few laps. He was eventually joined by a Cal Giant rider and the two of them powered up to Funke who was having a bit of gear troubles. In the last lap the cal giant rider attacked and Aaron chased hard and only got his wheel in the final turn. At that point it was a straight up sprint which Aaron won convincingly.

In the womens elite race Shelley and Stella rode to 2nd and 3rd, far ahead of any challengers. ( I'll let Shelley fill in the details) Julie Brothers had an excellent race on the challenging course, claiming both 3rd place and a bronze medal.

Dan Harting missed the podium by only one place finishing a strong 6th place. In all, the team fought hard and had a good enough showing to bolster our lead in the team competition.