Monday, October 23, 2006

view from the back

What is it like at the back of the field? I'll tell you. It's dusty and people fall on you-or you fall on them. Anyway, it's no picnic as the half a dozen or so back runners are all determined not to finish last so it can be a real dogfight. The whistle blows and all you think is: Iv'e got to get ahead of so-and-so as this person usually has a stronger second half of the race and it is better to be ahead for certainly makes you feel better anyway. The first two laps are all about trying to maintain contact with the end of the field , something people at the back don't do for very long. After that it's just a test of one's ability to not make mistakes . How did my knee get bloody, you ask? First step is the third lap stumble over the barrier....left knee to the turf. Second step is the fifth lap "Hey, I think I'll try to cut this loose corner a little tighter......kabang, down on that knee again. The last lap and a half was a humiliating display of low-speed lethargy until the last 400 meters , most of it paved. I gave it a jolly good sprint even though 90% of the field was ahead of me and the two people behind me were too far back to see. This may all sound futile but the way I see it is that any race needs three groups: #1, the people at the front...they make it exciting and win the prizes. #2, the people in the middle, they make the people in the front even more impressive as they try in vain to match their speed. #3, the people at the back, because...well, somebody has to finish last and provide comedy relief. Cheers, swigboss.

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Brent Chapman said...

Captain Ka-bang bang.
dust off them wounds and shrivel ye mast fer rough dirt dogging next weekend