Monday, October 16, 2006

Surf City #1 prelim info

Surf City #1 at Soquel high had some heavy hitters.
HRS-Rocklobster team had some good showings, here is some prelim info before the writeups come in.
Photo credit: Mike Holzer.

More Photos coming soon!

Men 45+B
15th Larry Bullard

Men 35+A
15th Tim Watson
37th Dan Harting (3 flats after chasing the 5th place spot forever he had to run the course a ton!)

Women 35+
4th Julie Brothers

Women A
Stella Carey

Men A
4th Simon Vikers (after sucking up some fun mesh from recent grass sodding.)
Single Speed
6th Brent Chapman (see brents blog for write up)
9th Stella Carey

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