Sunday, October 08, 2006


Dual days racing.
My guts were done for, so I sat Sunday out.. probably a wise choice.

Simon and Josh got good start spots again today as I fought for front row placement for them again.
The race was again fast and furious. Simon had trouble early on while Josh found a good pocket of racers to hang with somewhere in the mid 20s. Well, as the second half of the race came round, Simon started finding his legs and he creeped back up with the guys he started with, passing Justin. Snead popped with 2 to go and really dug deep to hang on to any spot he could. On the final sprint Snead had legs on fire and road a brilliant sprint to keep off some impending action.

check back for the update. Heres a photo of J-Ro and Simon stealing the front row.


swiggman said...

Oh yeh, boyee. It ain't not for the wee-livered this eastern cross thing, now is it?

Hooptie said...

Oakleys are back in!