Monday, October 01, 2018


On a clear morning at Manzanita park the conditions were just about perfect for a CX race. With a couple of other events happening that weekend there were bound to be some smaller fields and opportunities for riders at all levels to move up on the series. First as always were the juniors with some opting to race among the adults.

In the boy's 10-14 Henry Sanderson  was 3rd with 9 year old Kai Yee coming in 5th. Nate Vahlberg raced to 2nd in the boy's 15-18. Grace Kredo-Brown rode unopposed to the win in the girls 15-18 getting the first win of the day for the team.
13 year old Dan English decided to ride the open B category and came in 4th out of a large field of adults.
John Vahlberg was our only master's B rider and he rode to 16th on the 45B field, possibly the largest group of the day. The master's A race saw a few of our riders and once again, Greg Foy showed his dominance in the 55+ group with an emphatic win. In the 60+ race I came in 5th with Montana Resident Hal Stanley coming in 7th.

The next win would come from Kathleen Bortolussi with a storming ride that saw her passing many of the women starting ahead of her in the A,B and C groups.
Ivy Young got 3rd in the women's A race riding with her arm in a brace and sprained fingers.
 The men's A race was not much of a challenge for Max Judelson as he easily rode away from the field. The early action featured Alex Work who led the race for the first lap and nearly held on for second if not for a crash on a loose dirt section of one of the baseball diamonds. He still held onto 3rd. Eric Brown lost a brake pad right at the start and had to return to re-install it. Even with the delay he managed to work his way back up to 11th passing a few riders in the process.

The men's A team sporting the new 100% sponsor sunglasses and the 2018 Voler kits. Next stop, Sacramento !

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