Monday, September 24, 2018


This was a longer course than the previous week and most would say that it was tougher. Since this was the first race on the junior calendar the course had a huge turnout from our team.

In the 9:00 AM races the C men had Manny Offonso, jr. in 5th.
In the jr. boy's 15-18 race we had a mob:
Ethan Waterhouse took the win, Ethan Karp 2nd, Nate Vahlberg 3rd, Alaska Grant 7th and Pete Vahlberg 8th.
In the girl's 10-14 Genevieve Keefe got 3rd
In the girl's 15-18  Ella Phillips got the win
 In the 10:00 am B race we had no shortage of riders,
Dan English got 5th, Matt Miller got 11th, Charles Rausch 14th, Brian Kalcic 15th.
In the master's 45 B race we had John Vahlberg at 7th, Michael Schaller at 16th and Frank Kalcic at 17th.
Here's Hans Van Housen in the men's A race
As the day got longer the wind really started blowing and was a factor on the course.
In the 11:00 races we had four riders.
In the 35 A race Ben Dodge scored an impressive 4th
In the 45 A race Greg Foy rode to 11th riding a category younger.
In the 55 A race Detlef Adam rode to 8th
In the 60 A race I managed 7th
 Dodgeball in the men's A race

Dean Poshard after a flat and a bike change in the A race
 Alex Work making up time late in the A race
Eric Brown holding down 12th in the A race

Later in the day it was time for the women's events.
In the women's B race we had lanie Goldberg in 5th and Alexis de Zubria in 7th
In the women's 45+ race Kathleen Bortolussi got 4th
In the women's A race Sarah Jordan rode to 4th.

We had five riders in the men's A race even with some notable absences.
Alex Work led our team finishing 7th, Eric Brown followed at 12th, Hans Van Housen at 14th, Ben Dodge in his second race of the day came in 15th and Dean Poshard came in 17th.

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