Thursday, December 15, 2016

Nor-Cal district championships

The team really killed it at the districts even though many of our racers were not able to make the trip. I was not there so I did not get any photos but several of the main protagonists are in this photo.

Men's A race:  Max Judelson   2nd.
Women's A race : Campbell Steers   1st.
Single speed A race :  Kailin Waterman  2nd.
Single speed B race :  Jamaica Lambie   7th.
Open C race :  Dylan Gong 2nd.
Men's 35 A race : Dean Poshard 12th.
Men's 55 open : Greg Foy 11th.
Men's 45 B race: John Vahlberg  9th.
Michael Schaller 22nd.
Junior men
David Kalcic 4th.
Dylan Gong 2nd.
Brian Kalcic 5th.
Emmett Tuttle 6th.
McEwan Tomkins 1st.
Ronan Lambie  3rd.
Junior women
Shantelle Tupaz  2nd.

Many medals and two district champions !

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