Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BASP race, Coyote point

 The Coyote Point race has been a bay area staple since 2003 when an actual UCI event was held there. The iconic bay front course with views of San Fransisco bay and right below the glide path of jets landing at the airport has provided much good racing drama over the years. This time was no exception as the races were very fast and the competition really tough. To start the day the masters B men lined up in the cold morning. Our only representative was Michael Schaller, coming in at 18th in the 45 B race. Next up were the 35B and 55 + races. We had a full crew in the 55+ with Greg Foy nearly taking the win coming in 2nd. I finished 11th, Rick Ortenblad battled his single speed to 14th and Mark Hubbell flatted in the last lap to come in 16th.

 Ben Dodge had a very full day, racing twice and working support. He would finish 9th in the 35 A race and 26th in the elite race.
 We did not have the full women's team as injuries and travel have trimmed the roster but we still had Allison Peck make a strong showing in the elite race coming in 6th after an excellent start. Alexis De Zubria would finish 9th in the women's B race.
 Some great riding was done by two of our juniors in the elite race. Both had to start in the back of the large field but they worked their way forward with Emmett Tuttle finishing 14th and Noah Hayes finishing 20th. Veterans Ben Dodge and Dean Poshard went 26th and 29th.

One of the most if not the most exciting rides of the day was Kailin Waterman opting to race the single speed A race. He had no idea how he would ride but was always at the front and nearly pulled of the win-just beaten at the line by 4 seconds for an impressive 2nd place.
 Our junior team was as good as aways with Dan English coming in 2nd, Sean Uusitalo 4th and Ayden Uusitalo 10th in the junior 10-14 age group.
 In the 15-18 age group there was strong riding from Dylan Gong (3rd)who used the C race early in the morning for a warmup.Caleb Ohare overcame a mechanical to finish 4th.
 The elite podium.
The single speed A podium with Kailin Waterman .

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