Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Stafford Lake race

This series always has tough courses and really goofy obstacles. This one is called the 'Belgian farm wall'. It looks pretty scary but it is well constructed and angled for a quick approach. Here's Scott, finding the wall a bit too tall to jump on the bike.
 Here's Alex showing his style , making quick work of the wall. Below is the podium-a repeat of the day before with Max Juelson getting the win with Scott Chapin coming in second. The two would ride away from the field in the first three laps of the race and never get caught.
Alex Work wound up 10th and Ian Stowe overcame a mechanical and a crash to finish 19th. In the masters Michelle Perez used the womens C race for training and got 3rd. In the mens 55 plus I had a good run coming in 5th with Brent Harris feeling the previous days effort coming in at 7th.Craig Ball had a decent race in the mens 45 B group and came in 12th.

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