Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Santa Rosa cup final, Sonoma

 We only fielded six riders total in this event. Lots of folks were either at a Sacramento race or out of state. Three of our riders were in the money and all finished in the top five so I would say that this was a very successful day for the team. Brent Harris rode strong to finish in 3rd on the day and second for the series. I was close behind in 4th.
 In the mens A race it was all Max and Scott, riding away from the filed and showing some speed that none of the other riders could match. Within a few laps they were by themselves trading pulls. In the end Max Judelson got his first win on the west coast with Scott Chapin in 2nd. Alex Work would have a pretty spectacular crash but fought back up to finish 5th.
Kelly Chang had a good start but a knee injury caused her to fade late in the race. She still finished in 5th in the womens A race.
Here's Alex-riding well, not knowing that soon he will be visiting the forest not of his choosing.
The mens A podium with Scott getting down to Max's level for the photo.

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