Monday, October 18, 2010

Festival of flat tires

Pilarcitos season opening race could not have had a better buildup; New course, lots of riders and rain ! The actual race was not the outcome that anyone expected or wanted, for the most part. As many as 1/3 of participants suffered flatted or even destroyed tires......figure about 200 tires at $ 100 each for the tubulars-$ 20,000 in ruined or damaged racing tires. This course had so many sharp rocks on it that it was as if the race was strewn with broken glass. Folks on our team affected by flats: Stella Carey, Mark Howland, Tim Watson, Josh Snead, Aaron Odell, Scott Chapin, Katie Jay Melina, Benoit Dubuisson, Dave Wyandt, Kevin Crossley, Brett Lambert , Aaron Kereluk, Dean Poshard. Happy story of the day ? That would be the man in the middle of the photo above: Alex Work before laying to waste the best Nor-Cal 35 A field in a show of speed and bike handling that nobody could match-and, he didn't have a flat.
Another good result was Sarah Jordan's return to Pilarcitos with a fine 4th place always riding near the front.Stella Carey had an unfortunately timed flat to finish out of the medals, but not far.
Jumping is one way to warm up before a race. Katie Jay was jumping on the line for the women's A race....unfortunately, her last lap would be walking with a flat tire like many other competitors.
Another happy story was in the 55 + race where Brent Harris got his first podium ever in 5th.
Little did the men's A field know what destruction lied ahead in the next hour. Much of our top riders would be out of the race in the first few laps. Scott Chapin was the exception as he endured two bike changes to finish in 2nd place. Dave Wyandt rode with a front flat, had two bike changes and still rode to 8th place. Aaron Kereluk had a bike change and finished 23rd. Ben Dodge overcame a couple of hard falls to finish 25th.
Sarah shares the podium for the first time this year at BASP.
Scott on the second step after a terrific ride.

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