Sunday, October 24, 2010


Although this isn't the first rainy race of the season, it was the first rainy race that wen off without a hitch. The CCCX crew headed by Rod and Keith are so dialed at putting on races now that all other series are going to have to up their game in many ways. Even though the wind was blowing and the rain was coming down, the turnout was good and the racing was epic. Throughout the day it would become clear who were the strong and who were the lucky. If you were both, you had an excellent day.

It will be a day or so before all the placings are available but I can speak of some that I witnessed. In the 35 A group Alex Work rode to 3rd place in a field that contained several past national champions. Alex has really found his spot in this group and is always up at the front.
Stella Carey rode to 5th place in the women's A event and immediately after that race went on to the single speed A event where she got a smashing 3rd place. Sometimes one race isn't enough.

I'm not sure where Katie Jay Melina finished in the women's A race but one look at this photo and you get what riding in these conditions is all about.
The start of the men's A race was dominated by our team up front . Only one rider, Aaron Bradford was able to beat our best. Josh snead and Scott Chapin rode to 2nd and 3rd with Dave Wyandt coming in not far behind. Ben Dodge had a good race as well at or near the top ten.
This photo will be the unofficial team podium shot as the actual podium for the mens event was scratched-too much rain, not enough spectators. At the end of the day, this is what you get ! In other races the placings are coming soon, as well as other photos.

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