Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peak Season mudfest

Todays race was a truly muddy ending to a relatively dry season. When the fairgrounds get steady rain for a week or so things get very sludgy. Seems to me we used to have races like this every season but it has been a long time since conditions have been this wet in a Nor-Cal 'cross race. This was good for some but disaster for others. While I do not have all the results I do know that Kevin Crossley rode to 3rd in the mens A race, his best finish ever at that level. Ariel Brown from Boulder, Colorado-yes, we have a team mate in Colorado- rode to 5th. Eric Higlander got 7th in one of his stronger rides for the year.

Here's Kevin on the podium juggling his winnings alongside 2nd place finisher and county champion Justin Robinson.

Alex and Scott decided to ride single speed and got 3rd and 1st. Scott wone the county championship as well. Alex also rode the 35 A race and finished 2nd.

Here's Eric feeling the pain at the top of one of the two run-ups..

This is Ariel Brown. He hopes to race here more next season. I sposored Ariel in 1992 as a junior. He still has his original bike.

Here's Alex in his second race of the day clearly feeling the hurt.

Kevin Crossley in his race in a solid third place for the whole hour.

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Ayreel said...

Thanks Paul, I had a blast finally racing in SC again. I definitely want to try to make one race in SC next year, and Nats.