Monday, November 02, 2009

Surf City weekend races

The Halloween race at the Watsonville fairgrounds is always a big event-the turnout this time was huge and the fields were larger and deeper than any local race so far. The two days are a blur right now but I'll try to give you a brief overview, as much as I can recall. In the elite men on day 1 Josh Snead suffered an early flat and had to chase for much of the race but made it all the way to 5th. Dave Wyandt proved strongest of the team and finished a close 2nd behind a super strong Justin Robinson. Chris McGovern was not far behind, riding strong. Aaron Odell and Aaron Kereluk were up in the top 11 as well, showing that we have a super deep team. In the elite women Stella Carey went 2nd both days. Although the first days race was changed dramatically by a crash, Stella prved on Sunday that she has the strength to win the series. Jill Fattor finished 4th on the first day , riding strong all season. On the second day both Erin Dunn and Michelle Perez won podium spots with gutsy riding on a demanding course. Brett Lambert pretty much dusted the fields both days , winning in a sprint on Saturday and on Sunday by a huge margin. Brian Kalcic demolished the field in the Sunday kids race, even jumping the barriers . The Highlight for me on Sunday was watching Dave wyandt outsprinting Don Myrah for 5th.....on foot ! Josh and Chris rode to 3rd and 4th Sunday with Scott Chapin coming in 10th , A.K. 13th, Jason Rahwles 14th. Steven Sperling used the C race for a warmup and got 2nd......I guess it was a good warmup!


Chris said...

And I um, raced some single speeds too.

Slonie said...

I was wondering why I saw a Rock Lobster rider in C's!