Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CCCX 4 Toro Park

Well, my camera died but there are plenty of photos to be seen on the CCCX site from this exciting race. There were not as many racers or spectators this time but some of the fields were substantial. The 10:00 a.m. races saw David Millett getting 10th in the open B 's, Jeff Traugott and I going 6th and 7th in the 45+ B's and Tom Sullivan ( still waiting for his team kit ) and Brent Harris getting 3rd and 6th in the 55 +. At 11 the 35+A masters had Tim Watson stomping his way to 14th place ( quite literally..) and Brett Lambert in the 45+ managing 3rd after two bike changes. Frank Kalcic had a super race finishing 7th. Frank's son Brian got 2nd in the kids race proving that last weeks win at Surf City was no fluke. Stella fought hard in the womens elite race to secure 3rd and Jill Fattor followed in 4th to protect her overall position on the G.C. . Erin Dunn rode to 3rd in the womens B's inspite of a rather dramatic crash. Kathleen Bortolussi was to one win of the day in the womens master 35 + with Michelle Perez following at 4th. The two of them seem to have that catagory sewn up in the G.C. In the mens elite race we had some no-shows but still had major players with Josh Snead, Scott Chapin, Aaron Odell and Aaron Kereluk. Jason Rahlwes and Eric Highlander also raced and fresh off the plane from the east coast showing up with not time to spare was Jeff Patton. Crashes would take out Snead and Highlander but Scott battled at the front for much of the race and finished 3rd , making him leader in the G.C. Odell was up there until a wipout sent him back a number of places but he rode back up to 6th with a strong finish. Aaron Kereluk rode tough throughout and finished 11th with Jason Rahlwes riding from the very back all the way up to 8th place. Jeff Patton , in spite of jet lag and no warmup rode to 16th . All in all, the team had folks on the podium almost all day. Jay Melina and Steph Thompson both battled in the womens elite race as well and improved from the previous races. Check the CCCX site for great pictures of the day......especially the aerobatics of Tim and Erin.

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cyclingsloat said...

Bummer about your camera.
Please feel free to use any of mine if you like.

Steve Anderson