Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pilarcitos I Mclaren park

Here are some start line photos that I took. Of course, the results of the race have been slow in getting sorted out but from what I knew, Stella Carey got 3rd in the womens A race and we had Michelle Perez in 4th in the womens 35+, Kathleen Bortolussi 2nd and Jay Melina 4th in the womens B race. Jill Fattor was 6th in womens A's. In the mens A race Chris McGovern led the team in 2nd, Josh Snead 3rd, Scott Chapin 4th, Dave Wyandt 6th and Aaron Odell 7th....possibly. Brett Lambert rode to a solid 3rd in the mens 45 A race.Looked to Me that Jeff Traugott was top ten in the 45 B race. Alex and I got to make some noise at the top of the runup.....I'm sure people might have some comments on that.

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chris and hollie mcgovern said...

Hats off to the team and a big thank you to the crew for helping out with everything...especially the noise