Sunday, October 18, 2009

CCCX III Toro Park

Toro Park near Laguna Seca posesses one of the steeper paved climbs in Nor-Cal cyclocross and the climb proved to be decisive. Folks who raced the previous day in Fairfax for the most part suffered today , but there were a few exceptions. Scott Chapin went to the front and battled with the Cal Giant duo of Justin Robinson and Cody Kaiser. Scott wound up second to Cody but did outlast Justin while Josh Snead finished 4th after the previous days win and Kevin Crossley in only his second elite race finished 7th after passing most of the field. The Saturday race didn't seem to blunt the sprint of Brett Lambert for his win in the 45 A group.....his third win in a row. If not for a last lap spill our own Jeff Traugott would have gotten a medal today-maybe next time !

Stella Carey rode to a strong 3rd in the elite wones race while Jill Fattor finished just off the podium in 4th.
Sarah Kerlin was feeling the pain from the previous day but still managed 6th.

Kathleen Bortolussi proved that she is perhaps the fastest 35+ woman in the series and continued her winning ways.

Erin Dunn wound up on the podium as well in the womens B division after a strong ride.Sean Coffey rode to 4th place in the single speed A division , narrowly missing a podium spot.


liquidwrench said...

And Sean Coffey was 4th in SS!

swiggco world said...

Thanks.....I wasn't sure about that . Only one step off te podium !