Monday, October 27, 2008

Surf City sensation

Seems like this team can't stay off the podium at the local events. I wish I had been more attentive with the camera to catch some of the racing action as these shots only show the aftermath of what was a terrific day for the team. If not for a few flat tires the overwhelming strength of the team would have been even more impressive. As it was, there was Courtney Grossman continuing to be a factor in the 35 B men, Scott Calley doing the same in the 45 B men and Brett Lambert continuing his quest for the NCCA cup overall in the 45 A men. Stella and Sarah rode away from the rest of the womens elite field and had no real challenge after 4 laps. It was if the train had left the station and two engines were going full blast-it was impressive to say the least. Josh Snead looked good to win the elite men but suffered a flat in the last two laps but held on for third. Scott Chapin rode to a strong fifth and an impressive A.K. passed much of the field in the closing laps to finish seventh. Alex work had a great start and held onto twelfth while Aaron Odell finshed tenth in spite of a flat . Frank Kalcic also had a flat in his race but was very much the center of attention in the tent with his BBQ-beer-tap trailer. Tim Watson brought an actual real coffin for an authentic Halloween decoration. Matt Jordan rode well with Tim in the 35 plus men. Tom Fox had a top ten finish in the 45 plus A group and Steve Itano and I finished twelfth and eleventh in the 45 B men.

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