Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pilarcitos starts with a bang

We have such an amazing team this year. Early in the day four of us started at the back of the 45+ B field but a super srong Scott Calley made his way to 4th place. In the single speed A group Evan Adams got a podium position with a strong ride for 4th as well. Josh Snead had a battle with Justin Robinson that looked early on to be going Justin's way but Josh kept focused, regained Justin's wheel and outlasted him for the win. Sarah and Stella owned the women's A race pretty much from the gun with a nearly scripted display of power and tactics. Brett Lambert rode his way through traffic to get to 5th place in a tough 45 + A field. There were many mechanicals and flat tires affecting the outcome of many of our team but with the depth we have there is no doubt it will be tough for any team to beat us for the team competition, especially in light of Frank Kalcic's new creation- a beer-barbeque bicycle trailer, the likes of which never seen before. Many thanks to Frank for providing much needed heat and bacon at the race, probably preventing a few cases of hypothermia.

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