Sunday, November 11, 2007

Odell wins a race ?

Yes, the man showed that when he has an open course in front of him he can turn it on.
From the second lap on Odell rode a solo race with his two team mates Josh and Dave keeping tabs on mr. Robinson.
It all turned out great for Aaron as his lead shot up after the effective blocking of his team mates.With Aaron's win today it looks like the top three places in the NCNCA cup are HRS/Rock Lobster riders.

Sarah and Stella rode a tough race and went 2nd and 4th with a large elite women's field behind them. Stella re-inforced her second place in the NCNCA cup and Sarah climbed up in the standings as well today.

Tom Fox scored a 7th place in his first 45 A race.
Tim Watson rode strong and finished 7th in the 35 A group.
Alex Work continued his consistent performance in the B category finishing 4th and keeping at the top of the overall series standings.

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