Sunday, November 04, 2007

MacLaren bumpy ride

This race was full of flat tires and all sorts of mayhem. Almost everyone had some sort of mechanical work needed either before or during the race. Nevertheless the team really performed as strong as ever and further cemented it's command of the team classification. IT was a race that humbled many riders who had success elsewhere only to be dispatched to the rear of the field.

In the elite races we had two on each podium with Dave Wyandt and Josh Snead 2nd and 3rd, Sarah Kerlin winning and Stella Carey 3rd. Alex Work narrowly missed the podium in a huge B field finishing 6th. Tim Watson and Frank Kalcic both looked good in thier respective masters races while Max Clifford suffered a puncture that spoiled an otherwise good performance. Matt Jordan suffered mightily as did Jeff Patton and Will Longstreth to finish on the bumpy demanding course while Michael Hernandez and Aaron Kereluk smiled while doing their laps.......incredible. Although I didn't get a picture of him, Thomas Fox won his 45+ B event going 3 for 3 in this year's series....seems he's just about got it locked up



CX said...

Tom Fox wins 45+ B's again. That's four straight including Fairfax. When is this guy going to upgrade? He got third overall last year in 35+ B's. I didn't know Rock Lobsters liked SAND so much!

David said...

Sarah Kerlin is THE BEST!
Go Sarah!!