Friday, August 11, 2006

it takes a village, people.

Looks like I will have to go to city hall for that crowd permit after all. Nine hardy souls from regions near and far braved a windy twisting track along the cliffs , capped off with the notorious hikeabike into Wilder. We had three flats in the firs three minutes but none after that. Three of the elite suad showed up so the pace was noticably more urgent from the gun. The flat tires made a nice rest for some of us that really needed it. I guess this ride is so good that people outside of the team are gung-ho to throw down with the rest of us. What happens if we have 30 people? Get a dirt bike escort out of town? You never know. Tune in next week, or better up and ride. Cheers, swiggboss.

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Brent Chapman said...

good news is I was fatigued before we even started the climb.. that means all the training and yoga is starting to take effect ... I know this feeling of exhaustion and its usually a good sign for me once I start recovering faster...

Thanks again for a nice ride. Once I allow my heart rate to go above the 160s it might be a little less waiting time for me at the top.

Cheers, and thanks for waiting.