Saturday, August 19, 2006

all this and cookies,too

Yes, the clock doesn't stop. Training camp # 346A7-B/9 featured 10 riders inspite of some no-shows due to out of town engagements. This was fine as the dustcloud from this group was large enough it could have been seen from space. No flat tires and a slightly truncated route made the speeds a little higher and the legs a little sorer for the hike-a-bike. Nevertheless all arrived intact. At the end of the line were some really great cookies provided by Stella 'not-just- a- bike- racer' Carey. With the DFL race series starting in about four weeks time is running out to get prepared for the grueling gauntlet that is our sport. Som additions will be made to the route on Fridays to better prepare all who show up. Bring your hiking shoes.

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