Sunday, December 09, 2018

Mid-late season report

 Winning is not everything but this team sure seems to be doing a lot of winning this season. 55+ mens rider Greg Foy has been nearly unstoppable in all the local and regional races, even winning day 2 of the west Sacramento gran prix. Pictured above is Ben Dodge winning the 35A race at our own Surf City / Team Rock Lobster race. Caroline Nolan is having her best season ever with many wins and UCI placings. Max Judelson is also showing the Nor-Cal scene how to take command of the front of a race.
 Kathleen Bortolussi has come back to racing with some of her best results since joining the team. Dylan Gong continues to win with a district title and many other victories. 14 year old Dan English beat all the men's B field at Coyote point- something I had not seen anyone that age do.

Mary Maroon also repeated as district single speed champion and won in Sacramento as well.
Ivy Young rode to a single speed victory at Coyote point.
 Other riders have been on the podium such as Nate Vahlberg in the juniors, Max McFadden racing elite at 16 years old and Noah Hayes getting 4th at the districts, just ahead of Brendan Lehman.
 With such a busy season and so many people on the team it is hard to keep track of all the great performances such as 17 year old Brian Kalcics 3rd in the B field at Coyote point. If our juniors continue enjoying racing CX there are great times ahead for bay area CX. With other junior programs taking shape there's a good chance that Nor-Cal will resemble Seattle or Portland for the amount of quality junior racers in the peloton. This is the future of cyclocross and it is great that this team is a substantial part of the new wave of racers . Let's hope that it keeps up.
 At this point there's only the nationals in Louisville, Kentucky left on the schedule of big races. We have some great riders coming to the event: Caroline Nolan, Max Judelson, Aaron Bradford, Alex Work, Kathleen Bortolussi, Dan English, Eric Brown, Kailin Waterman, Noah Hayes. There are some absences due to injury and other circumstances but even with those factors this is a very strong team with a lot of possibilities.

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