Friday, January 23, 2015

CCCX final , Ft. Ord

 These are the overall series totals for the team riders in the lion CCCX series of nine races. If like me, you did all nine events you would be rewarded for your efforts to be there. I got 2nd overall in the 55 +, not for stellar racing but for showing up and not being the worst. Rick Ortenblad had a couple of crashes that took him out of the last race but he finished up 6th overall with Brent Harris getting 18th. Not in the photos, Benoit Dubuisson rode strong to 2nd in the single speed B category with Michael Schaller getting 7th in the mens 45 B category.
 Our women 45 series winner was Michelle Perez with a huge point total. Her husband Michael Saccone won the mens 45 C category as well. Alexis De Zubria was not at the race that day but accumulated enough points to wind up 3rd in the womens B races. Our elite women missed the last day but figured in on the overall tally with Cambell Steers at 9th, Ellen Sherrill at 11th and Kelly Chang at 16th.
Our mens elite team had to split its time between traveling and the local scene so we didn't dominate CCCX as in years past but still had a big presence in the top-10 with Kailin Waterman at 2nd, Alex Work at 4th, Max Judson at 5th, Brendan Lehman at 9th, Ian Stowe at 11th, Ben Dodge at 12th and Dean Poshard at 40th.
 Here's Max on the last day, nearly pulling off the win coming in at 2nd.
Kaitlin coming across the line knowing that he would be on the podium for the overall in 2nd for the series.

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