Sunday, October 12, 2014

CCCX Toro Park

The team was spread between four events -one here in Monterey county, one in Santa Rosa, one in Oregon and one in upstate N.Y. so getting eight folks to this race was pretty good. We had four riders in the men's A race, good representation there.
 Alex Work is now on top of the overall standings in the series and had a tough ride against a top-notch field but he would get a podium in 5th.
 Kailin Waterman rode in the A race as well and got 7th staying close to the action and riding strong. Ben Dodge had a rough start but recovered mid-race to finish 11. Ben also rode to 10th in the 35 A race earlier.
 Max Judelson would demonstrate his speed and agility recovering from a couple of tumbles to finish second.
 Michelle Perez almost pulled off a win coming in second in the women's 45+ race. Alexis De Zubria also rode strong to come in second in the women's B race.
 Max in the closing laps, still going full gas.
I had a fairly good ride coming in 4th and getting my first podium of the season in the men's 55+ Michael Schaller would finish 10th in the men's 45 B race.
 A little relaxation before the pain begins. The laps were short with five dismounts and a pretty sharp climb. It was a fast course and we all had to do many laps.
Here's the men's A podium with Max and Alex. Considering that we showed up with about half the team our results were solid.
Race over, it was time for a beer and some well earned rest.

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