Monday, November 04, 2013

Stafford Lake wildcat race

This was race #3 in the Nor-Cal CX series and it would be a windy fast and dry course. The promoter threw in some gimmicks like a hay-bale maze and a 'Belgian wall" which was more hay bales with a 3' wall in the middle. I'm not a fan of this stuff but these items were probably the most interesting ( and irritating) features on the course. Traditional CX racing this is not, but it is racing-and hard racing at that.
The womens fields were pretty big, especially the B race where we had two entrants. Unfortunately the results were a bit of  a mess so I don't have all of the placings but I'll be able to confirm some:Ariel Raymon was top-10 in the womens B field with Lexi following. Katie Jay Melina got 4th in the womens A race-it was her birthday . Ellen Sherrill fresh off a win the previous day in Sacramento got 2nd in the same race. Scott Chapin also got 2nd in the mens A race with Ben Dodge following in mid-pack. 
 Tim Watson and Allan Bennett both got 4th places in their respective 45A and 45B races. I'm pretty sure I was 7th in the 55+ race but the officials actually asked me the names of the riders who came in ahead of me. Fortunately I knew  all their names as they always come in ahead of me. Check the Nor-Cal results when they come up .
 Here's Ellen after a hard day in the saddle.
Here's Scott on the mens A podium after a long, dusty race.

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