Sunday, November 18, 2012

Surf City race II

 Early in the morning it was the B masters and the open B race. Benoit Dubuisson was first to get on the podium with 5th place in the 45 B category. Matt Garcia raced to 13th in the open B race.
 I don;t think anyone has more experience riding in the mud than Sarah Kerlin. She showed her experience with a 5th place finish on the podium in the womens A race. Ellen Sherrill would follow in 6th.
 Janel Lodge would battle in the womens 35+ race to 2nd place, the highest placing of any team rider on the day.
 Here's Ellen Sherrill moving up from a last row starting position.

The mens A race was extremely fast and anyone in the top ten was a hero. Aaron Bradford finished 4th and Alex Work 9th. Scott Chapin was pretty fried from the race the day before but still held onto 15th while Aaron Odell finished 22nd with Ben Dodge following at 25th.In the Master's 35 A mens race Jason Rahlwes rode to an impressive 7th while Tim Watson did the same in the mens 45 A race followed by Mark Howland in 10th.Other placings can be seen on the Surf City cyclocross site in the coming days.

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