Sunday, September 30, 2012

BASP 1, Candlestick point

 Unfortunately, my camera is dying but here's what I got for photos this day. The team began early and Brent Harris and I were racing the 55+ master's at 8:00 a.m.  We both managed to stay upright and get on the podium with me in 4th and Brent in 5th. Later, the 45 B and 35 B groups were off with huge sold-out fields. Benoit Dubuisson finished an impressive 8th out of 60 riders followed by Michael Schaller in 34th. Zac Stanley was sidelined by an early crash but still made the top 20 in the 35 b group. The ride of the day had to be in the women's A race as Ellen Sherrill made a move in the first lap that proved to be the winning move. She was joined on the podium by Katie Jay Melina in 5th. Natasha Perry and Mary Ellen Ash both got delayed by flat tires but both finished.
 Janel Lodge made the podium in the women's 35 + race with a strong ride. Brian Staby finished 7th in a nearly sold out 35 A group with Jason Ralhwes in the top 15. Mark Howland had a top 20 in the men's 45 A race.
Another stellar ride was Scott Chapin's 3rd place from a 4th row star in the men's A race. The only two riders in front of him were pros, the Jaques Mayne brothers. Scott is getting closer every race to these guys. Aaron Odell continues with an 11th place followed by newcomer Andrew Juiliano and Ben Dodge in the top 15.

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