Sunday, September 11, 2011

CCCX I results

How's this for a podium ? This was one of the few shots I got during the day but figure that there were Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobsters on almost every podium, sometimes more that one rider and there were three wins.
Here's Scott bearing down early in the race to force a group clear.
Aaron Odell finished 7th in the men's A race with a solid ride.
Inspite of a hard fall late in the race, Dean Poshard finished in the men's A race.

Placings for the events:
Men's A race: Scott Chapin 2nd, Aaron Bradford 3rd, Aaron Odell 7th,Ben Dodge 11th, Dean Poshard 22nd, Jeff Patton 29th ( After breaking a handlebar stem, a long walk and two bike changes)

Women's A race: Stella Carey 2nd, Katie Jay Melina 8th.

Men's 35+ A race: Alex Work 1st, Jason Rahwles 7th, Matt Jordan 11th.

Women's 35+ open race: Janel Lodge 1st, Kathleen Bortolussi 2nd, Natasha Perry 4th.

Men's 35+ B race : Jon Mason 1st.

Men's 45+ A race : Mark Howland 7th

Women's 45+ open race: Michell Perez 2nd.

Men's 45+ B race: Benoit Dubuisson 5th, Torin Rotstein 12th.

Men's 55+ open race : Paul Sadoff 4th, Brent Harris 5th.

Single speed A race: Alex Work 2nd, Stella Carey 7th.

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