Monday, September 27, 2010

The thrilla in Manzanilla

It was champagne on the podium for Scott,Dave and Aaron in the CCCX Manzanita park race.

Here's some of the earlier racing with Janel Lodge leading the team charge that would wind up 2,3,4 in the womens 35+ race with Kathleen Bortolussi and Michelle Perez in that order.
This is how you make a bike go fast and win an elite race-keep your head down and pedal hard. Nobody was pedaling harder than Stella Carey as she led the womens A race from the start to the finish. Not satisfied with just one race, Stella jumped on her single speed and rode to 9th in the single speed A event.
Here's the start of the mens A field showing the large turnout and pretty much the whole of our elite team. The rider in the white and red kit holding the saddle of his bike is Joachim Parbo, the CX champion of Denmark. Scott Chapin would go head to head with Joachim and basically outride the Danish champ in what was one of the most exciting races in a few years. Dave Wyandt stayed close for the first few laps and held onto third with Aaron Odell in 4th. Kevin Crossley sprinted to an excellent 6th place with the top ten being rounded out by Ben Dodge in 9th. Alex Work had a super start but the heat took its toll as he faded to 12th with Dean Poshard close in 14th.
In the mens masters ,Mark Howland finished a strong 3rd with Brett Lambert not far back in 8th. the ever improving Frank Kalcic was up in 12th. Alan Bennett finished 17th in a large 35 B group. In the open B catagory, our lone entrant Davis Millett finished 18th. In the 45 B group our three riders , Bruce Lodge, Benoit Dubuisson and Jeff Traugott stayed on the lead lap going 7th, 12th and 14th. In the 55+ group , I was a lucky 4th place and Brent Harris got his best 2010 finish in 6th.

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