Monday, April 21, 2008

meet some of your sponsors.

As I wandered aroung the Sea Otter trade expo I was able to visit with some of the people who help the team with distribution of the parts and services we depend on during 'cross season. These are the same folks I commuincate with year around and order parts for all of the bikes I build. At the Shimano tent was Sharon McGuire, someone who has been keeping the orders straight for many years.
The folks at Dirt Rag magazine were helpful last year with socks and pint glasses. I have been advertising in Dirt Rag for 15 years and at this time they are the only publication I have an ad in. Dirt Rag's commitment to the riding community has been long and consistant, speaking to the heart of the sport-the folks that ride with passion.
His name is Larry, his name is Larry, he works for Mavic....somehwere near Boston......Hi, Larry ! Larry rides on frozen lakes in the winter on studded tires. That's what I call a riding enthusiast !

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