Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CCCX Final.......Aaron Odell and Stella take the overall

Stella....Stella......Stella......what can you say? She won the overall series title and still had enough energy to ride the single speed A class.
Aaron Odell took last year off from 'cross but really came back this season with consistancy and a level head to win the overall series title. With three wins this season Aaron has had his career year in '07.
Tim watson made the podium in 5th place with good results all season. Alex work nearly dominated the B catagory and tied for first overall.Even with injuries, ilnesses and things getting in the way of many of our team we still managed to have another dominant year on the local scene. Dean Poshard finished 7th overall and is within striking distance of the podium at the peak season series. With only two more local events left there are still a few motivated folks showing up representing HRS, VOS, Traugott, Lobster, King, Shimano, Easton, Paul Components,Ristorante Avanti and Santa Cruz .


Brent said...

congrats Stella and Team.

dre said...

great job u