Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Sunday marked my return to CX racing and as usual, it hurt. My back is still mad at me for attempting a front flip out in Boulder,Co. Nonetheless, I decided I would have to pin a number on this weekend or shelve the season and my ambitions for the national championships in Rhode Island. After a few weeks of very little riding, turkey day and almost no intensity, I picked the district champs race and Pilarcitos final for my first race and real test for my sore back.
It was a beautiful day at Coyote Point and most everyone was in attendance. Besides my own racing to worry about, we were in a close race for the team competition and AK was a close second to John Funke for the elite overall. I knew that finishing would help us in the overall competition and I figured I could tough it out for that if nothing else, but I had hoped to ride with AK and help him in his battle with Funke.
The racing action started up the first hill and Funke was right at the front with Ben Jacques and J. Snead. Myself, Wyandt, Justin Robinson and AK were a bit off from the leaders due to some sketchy manuevers pulled by some of the other "elites" in the field. I guess complaining about delay's by riders of lesser ability begs the question "what were you doing behind them if you're so good?". I don't know but secretley I was glad not to try and match the pace Ben was setting and it looked like Snead and later Wyandt were going to try and give the old Strapper a run for his money.
I had other things to worry about and it involved trying to work for AK and battling the Strawberrie duo of J.RO. and Chance Noble. I got a little break as I joined up with AK and then we bridged to Justin. Chance was way back at the begining and caught our trio and attacked straight away. I tried to counter and keep it together but lost contact and was joined by Justin a short time later. As you know, this is my main comp. for nationals and we have been battling all season. I tried to stay ahead of him coming into the sand run and he very politely ran past, and away from me on the beach. I had a half step on him at the beginning of the run and as he bumped my bike, barely, he apoligized and then kicked sand in my face as he stretched a 30 foot gap by the end.
I was a bit demoralized with a few to go and the big man riding away from me but a look over my shoulder told me that Troy Barry was coming up and I really didn't want to be beat by him. Troy may be a nice guy, but at last years districts, he did the stupidest move I have ever seen at a cross race. He basically flatted, then cut the course to the pits (his car?) and then took a free lap, and finally jumped onto the course right as Justin and Andy were rolling by with me at about 2 seconds and desperately trying to maintain contact. I almost crashed into him as he barged into the front of the race and I lost all momentum and all hopes of sticking with the leaders. I probably would have been dropped anyway, but it was ridiculous to have to deal with that and I will try never to be beaten by some one who would do something so stupid.
So I got back on it and kept it painfully pinned for the rest of the race and clawed back within a few seconds of Justin by the end. Troy said he needed another lap and he would have got me but I think he'll need a million laps and that might not be enough. In the end I finished a respectable 8th place.
Well that was my race but the real story was the depth of the entire team and the class of every rider on it. Paul sounded the battle horn and everyone rallied to put in the best performance they could on the day it mattered. The race for the roaring mouse trophy was a bit silly as everyone already knew we were the best team out there. Nonetheless, good job to one and all and way to make the sponsors proud.


Josh and Barb said...

Maybe you could get Biker Fox to tutor you in the proper execution of front flips and then you wouldn't hurt yourself

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

meow, baby.


swiggman said...

Yeah, we rollin' now. Can be da nobody catch you now......