Friday, May 26, 2006

you can't always get what you want....

Yo, crew. It's 2006 and where are your cleats? scrape the mud off and get ready for a new coat. Looks like we will be rollin' with a new look and some new crew. We might lose a buddy or two along the way but that doesn't mean you have to put a pump in their spoke next time you see them. It's not just about who is here now, it's about whoever was on this squad and what they contributed....or didn't. For example, I have hoisted a flag at a good many races but have yet to finish in a top ten position....unless there were 10 or fewer in the field. What the heck, honking the horn and flag waving are things I train for all year....the fitness thing....welll, that just has to take a back seat. In two weeks or so the final roster for this team should be done. If you have plans to go elsewhere you should let us know as our presentation material will need to reflect an accurate headcount. Cheers, looking forward to some crushage.....holy crap, a new term.

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